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Thread: Manzanita wood fungus

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    Manzanita wood fungus

    Is this anything that I need to be worried about? starting a DSM tank, and the wood is starting to show these white patches in some spots. Is there anything I can treat it with or should I be concerned?


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    Moist wet conditions are great for it is normal, it'll go away when add water, you can add excel or H2O2 with a paint brush etc.
    Careful not roast the plants.

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    Thanks Tom, was getting worried there.

    On roasting, humidity is ~92%. I mist 3-4 times a day. should the leaves be kept constantly moist? I could put a cheap humidifier in the tank and cycle it every hour or so. Excess standing water gets sucked out by an aqua-lifter after misting.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Just leave the lid slightly open, but wait till the plants are semi rooted.

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