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Thread: Needle vs Metering Valve

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    Needle vs Metering Valve

    I'm thinking of changing my needle valve on my regulator and have been doing some research. What is the difference between a needle valve and a metering valve. From one I can tell the metering valve is more precise and about 20% more expensive. Which should I go with? I tried to find an Ideal needle valve but can't seem to find any online, anyone know where I can find one?


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    I'd suggest a good Nupro or Swagelok 1/8" SS valve with a venier scale handle. Ideal Needle valve makes them and they are even better, these run about 70$ each.

    $ well spent.

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    Thank you for the reply.

    Does anyone know where I can an Ideal Metering valve online? I checked ebay and can't seem to find any there. I find lots of Swagelok and Nupro but most run well over $100 with $20+ shipping and none seem to have NPT threads, they are all 1/8 tube in and out. I was hoping to find 1/8 NPT in and 1/8 Tube out or at least NPT so and put a barb.

    Thank you,


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    From other thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Left C View Post
    Call Bill Sand at Ideal: Phone (701) 352-1164

    This link has the phone number and email address, but phoning is the best way to go. Bill gets so many emails that he can't answer all of them.

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