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Thread: Hills with DSM and soil\clay

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    Hills with DSM and soil\clay

    I'm redoing my scape and need some advice on how to build a maintainable hillside.
    I have a large wood piece that i need anchor down to a piece of slate. This piece would look best if it was around 8" higher than the bottom so I want to build a terrace of sorts out of other wood pieces. My substrate will be soil\clay with a flourite black sand cap. I have seen examples on using egg crate and\or bags of inert material (old substrate) to build from. I'm looking for input or examples on what would be the best way to go on this.

    Also, since I'm doing DSM, I want to plant this hillside in HC. Since this will be above the water level, I was wondering which technique would be required to keep the HC from drying out. Daily misting? reptile humidifer?

    Thanks in advance.
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