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Thread: 75 gallon manzy scape...

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    75 gallon manzy scape...

    hey all, I did not go through and check which pics are doubles so there are probably a few in there...

    if you would like to help in scaping that would be rad.... I will number them to make it easy, tell me which one you like, and if possible why that one over the others..

    wood goes right to the top of the tank on the talles pieces and as I dont keep the water right at the rim, they will probably stick out of the water a little and allow me to get a little bit of emersed growth on them

    I am going to just use what I have so here is plant list, excuse the spelling I am not going to look up proper names

    DHG "belem"
    Glosso if I can get it to grow horizontal
    microsword lileo.. brasili...
    dward hydrocotle
    hydrocotyle verticalla
    hydrocotyle b pennywort
    ludwigia aculara need leaf
    ludwigia inclinata var verticalla cub
    myriophylum matagosse
    blyxa japonica
    didiplis diandra
    e vesuvius
    wide leaf watersprite which I really dig the cool looking leaves it has...

    here is tank right now.. its kinda ugly lol.. I took out the DW that was in it to use in a ciclid breeding tank and just havent kept it up..
    the algae is just on the glass for the most part, although there is a little on the substrate and the e vesuvius...\

    it will be taken down, cleaned, and I will be replacing the flourish with UP aquasoil....

    here are the driftwood pieces I plan on using in it..











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    I think I would have the wood far back and hang over the planted areas.
    Or perhaps use the pieces to divide off the sections in the tank.

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