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    So like a dummy, I did not account for how much water I'd need to mix 50 doses of Macro into for my 75 Gallon, and have reached the Saturation point of the water, with still some undisolved fert left. Now I understand it's highly unlikely, probably impossible, but is there any method of increasing the saturation point of water?? If i increase the water amount I need to do a lot of math and change the simplicity of using one full 5ml dropper for each dose.

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    Hi WRH,

    If I remember my Chemistry correctly, heating a solution will typically increase it's ability to absorb a solid. That said, the increased ability to absorb is not substantial and when the solution cools the excess chemical may precipitate out of solution and again become a solid in the solution. Best answer, double the total volume of water, use your original volume of chemical, and use two (2) 5 ml droppers per dose.
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    super saturated solutions can spontaneously precipitate completely when triggered...not sure if it would happen with the compounds we use...but it is a cool thing to see. The precipitate forms a crystalline structure as more and more dissolved component comes into contact with the precipitate.

    I agree with Seattle_Aquarist, just double water and dosage. That is much easier than trying to heat the solution.

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    I saw precipitation of the ferts already since last night, so I will just have to dilute it in 1L and instruct the person to dose two 5ml instead.

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