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Thread: I am going to the milky way!

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    I am going to the milky way!

    Well, that is sorta how my new NO3 fertilizer looks.
    (Very) partially based yet fully inspired by the AR Makro Spezial N fertilizer, but without urea.

    I have dilluted the following chemicals into 1 liter:
    KNO3: 15.08 grams
    K2SO4: 14.85 grams
    Ca(NO3)2*4(H2O): 117.56 grams
    Mg(NO3)2*6(H2O): 60 grams

    This gives me, when adding 1 ml of this solution to 50 liters of water:
    - 2 ppm NO3
    - 0.25ppm K
    - 0.4ppm Ca
    - 0.115 ppm Mg

    p.s. i am not German, but the calculator i used is

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    Hi Gillies,
    How are you getting 117.56 g of the Ca(NO3)2.4H2O to dissolve into one 1000 mL solution?

    Get wet.
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    Well, the solubility of Ca(NO3)2.4H2O at room temperature is 121 mg/mL, which equals 121 grams.
    I used boiled R/O water to dissolve it.

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    Hi Gilles,

    Magnesium and Calcium are do not work and play well together.

    The first sign we don't know what we are doing is an obsession with numbers. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Disclaimer: I am not trying to make you mad, it is just what I am, an evil plant monster, 'nuf said.

    • I believe the information I am giving is sound, I am not a veterinarian, professional chemist or particularly bright and certainly not a "Guru.".
    • I assume you are of legal age, competent and it is legal for you to acquire, possess and use any materials or perform any action in your in your jurisdiction.
    • When in doubt "don't."

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    What is your suggestion? What could happen/allready happened then in my mix?

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    Bio may have gotten this one wrong

    it is not the Ca&Mg but the sulfate.

    @Tug should be no problem getting Ca(NO3)2 in solution as something like 130g to 100g H2O

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    Figured something like that. This morning i had about 1cm of goo in the bottom of the container which would not dissolve. Is this the Sulfate reacting?

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    p.s. how about Calcium chloride or Calcium citrate, this is chelated right?

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    Yea, I think Tug is correct, the K2SO4 is goo like if you add too much, whereas Ca(NO3)2 is extremely soluble(all Nitrate salts are).

    Also, one of the points.............of using KNO3, is that it is Rich in K+ relative to other words, adding KNO3 will prevent any limitations of growth issues in 99% of planted aquariums, maybe more.

    The whole point of the special N fert is about Ca/Mg/K+ ratios, which I think are baloney.
    Once these ions dissolve, it does not matter WHERE they originate.

    If you did not have enough N, or K+, or perhaps Mg.........was low........then you start watching and dosing carefully...........well, yes, you will have better results in many cases.
    But that does not imply WHY or that it was the ratio etc.

    I've had all sorts of Ca and Mg and K+ ratios, never once have I once been able to attribute any negative growth aspect to changes I've made. This ratio baloney got going back around 2001 and like many myths, simply will not die. Folks have repackaged the claim and redo things with it, but if it was indeed true, how come I cannot induce the growth issues that some claim? Do the folks that use it go back and check? Not that I've ever seen.
    I'll come across harsh about this, but it is because I've tried to mess with these to get a negative growth or what many assumed that was caused by some magic ratio.

    How come my plants grow well without any of that?

    I grow them as well as anyone, I grow the more eclectic rare, picky, difficult species that are available. I cannot verify the claims. Some folks say they had better results, but ........we do not know why. I can make the same claim about dosing more traces vs the typical dosing of 0.1ppm Fe or less......
    As many of these hobbyists do not go back and test to see.............they are never going to be sure. There are many thing that it could be, without looking at those, it's impossible to say much.


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