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Thread: Bucephalandra species

  1. Bucephalandra species

    I am from Poland, I wanted to present my collection of Bucephalandra, Schismatoglottis, and Aridarum species, and thus know the people who are also fascinated this magical plants. If any of you have a interesting variety of Bucephalandra or other similar plants growing on rocks please show your pictures. I will be happy to could share with you my species. If anyone would like to exchange to my species, please pm. Fertilization by EI. Buce really likes it.

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    They're beautiful.

    What kind of conditions do these plants like?
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  3. In my tank have that parameters:
    PH 6.8
    GH 14
    KH 10
    Co2 - a lot
    Light 0,6W/L

    I dosed EI by this plan:
    Macro (recipe for whole month - 12 doses per month = 3 doses per week):
    • [3/16 teaspoon KNO3] x 12 doses = 2 and 1/4 teaspoons KNO3
    • [1/16 teaspoon KH2PO4] x 12 = 3/4 teaspoon KH2PO4
    • [1/2 teaspoon MgSO4x7H2O] x 12 = 6 teaspoons MgSO4x7H2O
    mixed in 600ml of water, dosed 50ml 3 times per week

    (Fe) 7.8%
    (Mn) 2.2%
    (Cu) 0.1%
    (Zn) 0.4%
    (B) 1.4%
    (Mo) 0.06%

    • 1/2 teaspoon mixed in 200ml water dosed 25ml 2 times per week.

    Micro and macro dosed alternately: Monday Micro (at night), Tuesday - Macro (at day), and so on. I dont dosing at Friday and Saturday. In Sunday another dose of Macro + change about 40% of fresh water (RO+tap water).

    And I must say that bucephalandra realy like it. Some speices could give me about 2-3 leaves per week, bucephalandra are considered to be extremely slow-growing, but with EI I can eliminate the term extremely
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    I cannot see the pictures

  5. I dont know why, I tried to open in two browser and I see all.

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    Lovely pictures, I have the B. motleyana but looking to expand my collection. They simply look awesome!

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    These are nice plants, but I think like Anubias, they are not normally aquatic in nature, but do grow slowly in submersed conditions.

    Good CO2 and ferts and lights= this is what grows plants the fastest rate, but some do not like that, but for this group, I know of no one that likes slower growth

  8. It is not entirely true because some species like Kedagang or, shown here by me, Kualakuayan2 growing faster than other. It is depend on species. Bigger leaves, and bigger roots = faster rate of growth. Over time the Bucephalandra's growth accelerates. In nature this plants grow in large humidity on the rocks, but in rainy season most of it goes to underwater and since few weeks or months it must growing underwater. So these plants can simply become to submersed (aquatic) plants.
    In my opinion this slow growth, it is their advantage, and makes them really valuable plants. Who wants to cut every week kilograms of these beautiful plants and throw them into the trash?
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    Great plants and photos! Wonderful job...


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    Kinda right and different, Bucephalandra has different leaf color, shape and size when submerged, compares to Anubias which stay the same.
    Bucephalandra has two face, underwater and above water.

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