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Thread: Stocking Level Question

  1. Stocking Level Question

    I have a 47 gallon tank that's about 50% planted. I have 5 Giant Danios, 6 Tiger Barbs, 6 Green Cory Cats, 7 Otos, and 3 Zebra Nerite Snails. Going by the "inch per gallon" rule, it would seem that I have overstocked, but I am only 70% stocked according to Any thoughts? My filter is driven by a pump rated at 480gph.

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    The inch per gallon rule is a good guideline, although it has it's flaws. I don't think your tank is overstocked. With good filtration and cleaning methods you'll be fine.

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    Your tank doesn't sound overstocked to me either. You could probably even get away with adding a few more barbs! If you have good filtration then you'll be fine.


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  4. Ok, thanks!

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