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Thread: Copper piping in house issue or cause of death of shrimps?

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    Yes,, I stopped with the CSM+B in the shrimp tank for it was the copper that I noted.
    Flourish at prescribed rate,doesn't seem to bother them or those in my sister's tank.
    Was searching for possible causes, and this was only thing I could identify that might be the culprit.

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    I dose EI with CSM+B in tanks with shrimp. No deaths that I would consider due to dosing. These tanks have Amanos, fire red cherries, and orange eyed blue tigers.

    Is it sufficient to rule out the Cu from CSM+B? I think so...

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    CSM+B is something like 64% EDTA so it is unlikely CSM+Bís copper would be the problem, in fact it might well mitigate any excess copper in the water.

    Unless the house (or plumbing) is brand new it is unlikely that it is leaching significant levels of copper.

    It is a wise practice to run the water for a few minutes if the water hasnít been used for several hours, I suppose.


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    I have copper pipes, high pH water, and use CSM+B in higher than suggested levels in my co2 injected tank. I have RCS and amanos in this tank. My CRS tank gets distilled water and no ferts...just amazonia aquasoil.

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    Many said that RCS are the hardiest shrimps. I think Armano are ever hardier!

    For my case, it was not the copper. And I know of many who does csm+b with no issues. Still a real mystery. I just added 5 Aura Blue...... Wish me luck....

    Ya I been using prime since day one. But I see no mention of prime removing heavy metals?

    Quote Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
    If shrimp appear to be Dying after molting, then perhaps a bit of iodide such as that used in reef aquariums may be worth a try? Is debateable topic from all that I have read,some use it,some don't.
    Might also consider water conditioner such as PRIME that detoxifys heavy metals along with chlorine and chloromines.
    I have similar problem with some cherry shrimp that sister gave me.They are fine for a couple weeks and then Die but it seems to be only females that perish.
    Did take note that CSM+B trace I was using contained a bit higher percentage of copper than the Flourish comprehensive that I used previously, and have since returned to the flourish for the shrimp only tank.
    Sister uses flourish with no issues and I suspect I may have eyeballed the CSM+B a little on the heavy side.
    I guess time will tell.
    I find it odd that my females appear to be only shrimps affected, and maybe odd as well that my Amano shrimp in planted NON CO2 tank still using CSM+B appear unaffected.

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    you have some aurora blue!? where were you able to find those? I have only seen pictures...

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    Should say on back of bottle that Prime detoxify's heavy metals.
    Or you could google product info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowMac View Post
    you have some aurora blue!? where were you able to find those? I have only seen pictures...
    I found it at my LFS last week. The price was not too bad but thats in Singapore :-p I saw what you folks in US usually pay for most inverts and fishes and I am glad I live here.....

    Here are some lousy pics from my iphone.

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    For some reasons it did not say it detoxify heavy metals on my bottle. It does say that it does that it does on their website.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
    Should say on back of bottle that Prime detoxify's heavy metals.
    Or you could google product info.

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    There are some that says that Prime kills Inverts!?! I could not fine anything on Seachem that says it does or does not. I know of many folks that use Prime with no problems on their CRS/RCS but there are some in the forums I visit that say that Prime was the "prime" suspect that killed their invertms

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