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Thread: Roseline shark issues

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    Roseline shark issues

    Has anyone ever had this issue?

    I just bought 5 beautifull roseline sharks. I set up my 10 ga qt tank filled with my ro water, set airstone, matched ph and put them in. they were happy swimming around, i put in 12 drops of aquarisol and i put in 5ml of api ammolock. Immideatly they started not swimming right, so i started doing a water change and they were getting worse, my wife in desperation suggested putting them in our sump, but by that time, (within 10 mins) they were dying.

    Ive never had a reaction like this before.

    Henry T

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    What did you set the pH at?

    Aquarisol has some kind of copper in it. My only thought is copper toxicity at a lower pH.

    I have this theory that heavy metals are more toxic in acidic pHs with very little buffering (low kH and gH).

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    i think you are right, because it was r/o water with discus buffer to lower the ph

    the water wasnt highly buffered.

    hindsight i should have used aquarium water from my 210

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