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Thread: lighting suggestion

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    lighting suggestion

    hi all,

    i recently started a new planted tank(about a week back) with rocks as a hardscape.

    tank: 30" x18" x 15" with rotala rotundifolia,echinodorus tenellas,A.reinki,blyxa japonica and hair grass.

    ADA AS II,bactor 100,power sand and Bio rio filtering media. and the lighting is 70w MH from OSRAM HQI TS 70/D.

    Now my question is the lighting which i had is sufficient or not because it looks lilbit dull to my eyes.

    please help me in this matter

    thanks in advace

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    sorry i forgot onething..presurised CO2 with dymax reactor @ 2bps.

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    Well the fact that it looks dull to YOUR eyes doesn't say much. It's all about the plants. I'm using 70 Watts of T5 on a 32 x 18 x 24 and i can grow every plant I want. So 70 Watt sof MH on a even smaller tank should be more than enough.


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