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Thread: Dual Stage Regulators

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    Thanks a bunch!

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    Put together two regulators today for two different friends. Both all stainless bodies and parts.
    One is a Matheson 3810 and the other is a Concoa 432

  3. Is that a Peter Paul solenoid valve? How do you like them? Good looking builds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dansbor View Post
    Yes double stage gas regulators are more beneficial than single stage gas regulators. This forum is interesting. On this thread very useful information is given. Nice information is given about double stage gas regulators and single stage gas regulators.
    Well, several other forums seem to have vendors that got really touchy and competitive with this topic.
    We do not have vendor's paying the bills here, subscribers and folks willing to be supporting membership.

    There are no annoying ads if you noticed also.

    Weird thing is that I allow vendors to post all they want, but they do not, and it's for free etc.

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    I don't know if any of you guys want to mess around with VCR fittings, but this is a awesome reg for a steal.

    There's also a SGT-500 (older)
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    Assuming that SGT has good threads and everything still works as it should, that's a good price. There is no real wear out to these things when used with non-corrosive or poison gas.

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    As someone who has worked in the industrial, medical and specialty gas industry for many years, I must reply to the last post for safety reasons and say that there are many parts in a regulator that can and do fail, regardless of gas type. Failures are less likely in high quality regulators. For a used regulator, it all depends on how the used regulator was treated in it's past life. The good news is that they can be completely rebuilt at an affordable price by an authorized repair center. Couple of other notes on that SGT500, it is only a 15psi output model which may not be a big deal if that's all you need, it IS NOT a genuine Victor regulator as noted in the description. I can tell from the adjustment knob and label. It is however most likely made by Victor and rebranded, but I can tell you that Victor will sometimes use less expensive components in the rebranded products that they sell. Buyer Beware!

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    Someone buy this before I do.

    It's not really a Y12. They have it labeled incorrectly... It is a Y14.

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    Dang! That reg or this new one with one of the $25 Parker H3L metering valves and a nice SS solenoid would be a heck of a nice build for not a lot of money!!

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    Ya, these H3's are legit. I'm not really a fan of the non-angle style but still...

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