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Thread: So I think I might Visit...

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    So I think I might Visit...

    Things are looking good for combining popping in at a SAPS meeting and visiting a relative. Probably the 1st of August. Looks like a road trip with my fiance, father and uncle.

    Anyhow, I'm wondering if any of the more skilled planted tank keepers would be willing to show off their systems and setups. I've been living off the internet and books for setting up tanks so far. The last planted show tank I've seen worth mentioning was 4-5 years ago; it'd be nice to get a refresher.

    That and the names of good LFS's would be great if there's others besides the listed thread. I'd get them at the meeting, but we've got a tight schedule to make ahead of time. My fiance and I are hoping to hit the SAS auction, and then supplement everything with the best of the LFS's for planted tanks. Stock list isn't anything terribly unique outside of maybe Ranunculus inundatus, staurogyne and perhaps a harem of nice looking, smaller apistos. A. Bitaeniata or similar.

    Hope to see everyone from SAPS soon,


    *edit* seems I confused the SAS site's meeting times for the SAPS one. When and where is the next SAPS meeting?
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    We have a difficult time getting a group together for summer meetings, so we took a recess until September 1st. Sorry about that. Tom may have his tanks back up and in order by then. The only other member who we, as a group, visited to see the tanks, is now living back in New York, unless he is home for the summer. And, I only have one tank, which gets more attention when I am experimenting with equipment than for routine maintenance. Plus I have just started setting up a "Riparium" tank, but it will barely be started by early next month.

    I think the three best LFS in Sacramento are Capitol Aquarium, for fish, JoJo's Aquarium for planted tank supplies, and Exotic Aquarium just because it is so big with so much in stock. But, none of them do much with aquatic plants. The market for aquatic plants isn't that great, probably because we all trade plants and cuttings so much.

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    I'll see if things can be moved ahead maybe, though I kind of doubt it.

    If I head in to SF is there anything better for plants? My Aunt that I'm visiting lives in SF proper anyhow.

    So what are your plans for the riparium?

    Does anyone there show up for SAS or SFBAAPS meetings?


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    There will be a meeting for SAS/SFBAAPS/SFAS for Aug.

    2nd Sat of the month for SAS, 1st Fri of the month for SFAS, SFBAAPS, check the web site.

    Tom Barr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosophos View Post
    I'll see if things can be moved ahead maybe, though I kind of doubt it.

    If I head in to SF is there anything better for plants? My Aunt that I'm visiting lives in SF proper anyhow.

    So what are your plans for the riparium?

    Does anyone there show up for SAS or SFBAAPS meetings?

    aqua forest aquarium is always worth a visit when in the SF Bay area. And, Albany Aquarium seems to be one of the best places for aquatic plants in that area.

    My riparium is a 15H Perfecto tank, with the top rim removed, that I got from Craigslist for $15. It is intended to let me see if I enjoy that form of aquarium more than my regular planted tank. So far, it does seem to hold my attention better, and may be a better choice as I get a bit older and less able to handle the tank maintenance. It is one week since I set it up. Here is a thread on TPT about it: 15H Riparium, my First

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    Looks like I'll be missing everything due to schedule changes that are completely out of my hands (it's been one hell of a month). The 1st just had to fall on a Saturday

    AFA is definitely on my list; I e-mailed them just to make sure I could get my hands on some staurogyne.

    Albany aquarium has just gone on my list, I had no clue about them. Thanks for the heads up. The plant list is staggeringly long... I haven't seen anything quite like that before

    The riparium seems like it's off to a great start. I was actually watching that thread pretty closely; never realized that was your ID. One idea for it; you could easily get the bottoms of those pots covered up with a moss wall on mesh.

    Anyhow, here's hoping I'll be able to make it back out in a few months to a year, maybe when the timing is better. Thanks to both of you for the advice.


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    So I took the trip out, and now I'm back.

    Albany aquarium was an excelent stop; the best prices by far, and some interesting species. Thanks for pointing me in their direction, Vaughn. I picked up a fair amount of plants there; most went to a LFS here just to help progress the diversity of plants in the area, as well as a few extras to play with.

    Ocean aquarium had some very nice, rare fish hanging around. I happened to pop in just as some wild caught altums were coming out of the bags. The plants weren't anything too special, but the owner seemed to be a big natural tank fan. As little as I agreed with some of what he had to say, I still enjoyed the conversation. I regret not having more funds; I had hoped to swing back to pick up some fish from him.

    Aqua Forest Aquarium was well kept, but very expensive. I got my fill of staurogyne and picked up some unnamed hydrocotyle. Along side that was some fissidens, and some short hygrophila that didn't survive the two day trip back. Very clean tanks, very good quality. Wish I could've afforded more.

    Right now things are a bit of a mess; the tank I keep rambling on about still isn't up yet. It needs some good rock (that doesn't cost $3.99/lb), the 108w of T5HO is serious overkill, and the manzanita I bought seems to grow fungus quite nicely. Besides that, it turns out one of the unused CO2 needle valves were left open, so I've got a pile of sensitive plants with high light and no CO2.

    In all it was a pretty good trip; the bay area has some nice plant dedicated stores. Someone needs to do something about the tanks in the rainforest exhibit at the academy of sciences though; nutrient deficiencies were everywhere.

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