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Thread: Mag 2 needle wheel for CO2

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    Mag 2 needle wheel for CO2

    I'm thinking of this pump or a smaller Rainbow as they tend to have decent in line seals and are cheap, low wattage.

    I think I'll add a different mesh type of DIY impeller and/or modify this one and make the loop as small as I can.

    Tom Barr

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    The DIY mesh impellers I'm looking at appear to be fairly simple. Enkamat and monofilament or epoxy? Sounds like a good mod.


  3. I use Danner fractionating pumps and I think they work great. Dont cost much, easy to use etc...


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    Orlando, you mean you use them without doing any mod?

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    Has anyone used the Rio RVT 600/800 pumps? They seem inexpensive enough, but I'm not at all impressed with the quality on the 400+ model I got so I'm leery of spending any more on their pumps. If it's good, that may be another "out of the box" option. I also see there's a cheap kit for conversions as well.


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    No, they do not do nearly as well as the blade snipping I did in another thread.

    Tom Barr


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