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Thread: How much flow is too much

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    How much flow is too much

    I have a 25 gallon tank and I'm using a Filtstar xp2 filter which is recommended for tanks up to 75 gallons. The output bar is set across the top of the back wall of the tank and I have the flow holes pointed on a downward slope toward the front wall.

    I usually keep the flow rate turned down fairly low and I'm wondering now what the recomended flow rate is for a planted tank. I've heard that you need to have good flow, but I'm just wondering what others have and what is considered "good flow".

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    Re: How much flow is too much

    I have a filter that only puts out 150 gals. per hour on my 75 gallon tank. And my spray bar is pointed at the back glass. I didn't like the way my plants were moving around in the current.


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