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Thread: nitrogen source

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    nitrogen source

    I need a nitrogen source for my new planted tank. Any commercial mixed NPK ferts contain too much phosphate for my usage. I can't get any potassium nitrate where i live because it is banned... this includes stump remover and anything containing potassium nitrate. I am wondering about Calcium nitrate though... availability?? where i can get it??? are there products containing this???

    Anybody have any other ideas for an alternative nitrogen source????

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    You did not mention where you lived in.

    Anyway, most Local fish stores (LFS) carry the below product.

    Flourish Nitrogen

    I'm currently using them as I cannot get dry ferts in Singapore.
    It seems like a nice substitute for KNO3.

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    Also, what objection do you have to phosphate containing products? Do you have an allergy? If not there is no reason to avoid products containing PO4.


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    I think some people have used calcium nitrate..
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    Quote Originally Posted by neil1973 View Post
    I think some people have used calcium nitrate..
    I do. But i have to dose K2SO4 separately (and its a pita to dissolve in water). More tds into my already hard water but the plants and fish don't seem to mind.

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    i found a plant fertilizer made with calcium nitrate. I'm not sure of the exact numbers but i believe it was something like... 23% calcium 17% nitrate and 0.3% iron. Does this product seem like a good idea to raise my nitrates??? Is this a high iron content??? will this be toxic to fish???

    The product is called nutrigreen A

    here's the website with very limited info

    Nutrilife Products > ABC Powder

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    Nitrate from Sparklers

    Hello All,

    I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I would post anyway. It seems the shop that I was getting Potassium Nitrate is out of it, and they don't know if and when they will ever get it again. I have read many posts that people are having problems getting Potassium Nitrate. I have found this site:, and was wondering if anyone has tried this or if it would be advisable to give it a try. We can get sparklers by the boat load here in Thailand. Just curious about this and am hoping that the experts here could shed some light on getting Nitrate from this source, a bit of a pain to do, but could this be used or do you think there would be a problem with it. I hope this post doesn't sound to stupid?? Thanks in advance for any posts/replies.



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    Pharmacies usually carry Saltpeter. It's KNO3. Don't call it potassium nitrate, play dumb... KNO3 is an ingredient used to make gunpowder, so some places don't like to sell it anymore. Tell them you're trying to make a batch of yummy yummy corned beef or something.

    Farming-type co-ops should also have some in industrial quantities, although it will not be as pure as the pharmacy stuff. It also could be difficult to dissolve.

    Try eBay also.

    Speaking of Nitrates. I don't know about this one... I've been wondering about it for a while.

    Could plants also use nitrous oxide (N2O) as a N source? It should be more difficult to find than saltpeter since it's laughing gas. But I know that a lot of beers (cream ales for example) are tapped using a mix nitrous and CO2 (60-40 me thinks), so beer supply places should be able to provide some... or a really friendly barkeep/bar woner. Just a thought, it could be nice to dose N just like we dose CO2. Perhaps that some chemical reactions in the water would transform it to something else. I really don't know...

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    Have you tried this place? I've got many things from them lately.
    From the catalogue, they carry KNO3 too.

    Another place to try is near the Jatujak, Ortorgor market.อตก
    There should be KNO3 in the name of 13-0-46 chemical fertilizer. A fellow reported
    he bought it there a few days ago. But I know it's a hot place to walk around.
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    Hello Nipat,

    Thanks for the reply and the links. I'll see if I can find Gammaco in Bangkok. I've sent them a mail and will see if I get a reply.




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