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Thread: efficient bulb for macro algae

  1. Question efficient bulb for macro algae

    Hi, I want to use macro algae, probably Chaeto, for a reef aquarium filter. I recently discovered what was called action spectra. From what I gather, it is what a particular plant utilizes, in terms of light spectrum. To minimize energy usage and eliminate a lot of guessing, it seems that matching the action spectra of Chaeto to the spectral power curve (is that what it's called?) of a light bulb is the way to go. Or, am I missing something?

    Anyone know where the action spectra for Chaeto can be found?


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    Most daylight bulbs are fine, even cool white Fl's.

    Tom Barr

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    Actually, I was just about to ask a similar question... I had gotten one each of the 250W and 150W double-ended low-cost HQI's from fishneedit on eBay with the 6700K bulbs, originally intending to use on freshwater planted tanks.

    I'm now looking at setting up a seahorse marine tank, hopefully with some seagrasses if I can find them anywhere...

    The 6700K ok then it sounds like. Good! :-)

  4. Thanks for the replies. I do realize that macro algae can be grown with different types of artificial light.
    My limited understanding of photosynthesis tells me that both intensity and spectrum count.
    I want to maximize growth per watt. So it seems that matching the action spectrum of a plant with a bulb should achieve the desired result . The algae filter will be divided in half, so 2 different bulbs can be tested at once.

    Does this seem a reasonable starting point to find the most efficient artificial light to grow Chaeto?


    Does anyone know of a link where the action spectrum of Chaeto might be found? I Googled it and waded around for awhile-if someone knows off the top of their head...



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    Chaeto is very easy to grow, even with a simple non FL light.

    See endless threads at RC forum.
    Plenty of folks grow it just fine with some pretty cheapo set ups.
    I'd not worry much about max this or that with it.

    It's a weed and will adapt well.

    Tom Barr

  6. Anywhere from 5100k - 6700k will do great.


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