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Thread: Plant Fest 2008!

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    If anyone else is coming into Orlando, you should share a car with them, I think there are some buses and it's not that far(2 hours if you drive).

    You'd take the toll turnpike north and then I-75 to Archer Blvd in Gainesville. It'll be the first right after the exit, you will see Motel 6 on the right side next to Waffle House.

    We meet there at 8pm Fri and leave to head off for the day.

    Most fly into Tampa or Orlando, whatever is cheapest. I have friends in Tampa and it's a little closer for me at the end of the Marine part than Orlando.

    Some flew into JAX in Jacksonville. It's closer to Gainesville and may be cheaper.
    They got speed trap tickets coming down 301 through a couple of AAA labeled speed trap hillbilly towns. Careful, 25 mph speed limit means no more than 25mph. 27 mph means a ticket.

    It's going to be Hot, 90-100F most days, 100% humidity, think the Tropical Jungle.
    Rain most days in the afternoon for 1-2 hours.
    So we try to get an early start and out of the water by mid to late after noon.
    Lightening is a real issue. There's no way to predict showers and weather other than looking at things locally and also the radar. We had a hurricane off one side of the coast one year

    Tom Barr

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    I'm a little confused as to where the marine part is located. From looking over the initial posting, I could not clearly see where it was... I am VERY interested in both, but I may be in over my head for the marine, just not sure. (I'm a quick study, though.)


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    just paid $300 for my greyhound tickets from boston to Gainsville. on a students budget this aint cheap.... hopefully the 1d, 8h, 30m long bus ride will be worth it when i get there looking forward to it tom

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    Now that's dedication and commitment!
    Do not worry Kyle, I will not let you become a Kenny G clone once they are done with you at school

    We just bought plane tickets.

    I'll post more on the Marine part once we figure out more where we will all stay. since it's mid week, things might be a little easier.
    Summer is mostly Green algae in the keys, so it's a bit more interesting in some ways and the lighting is better. We should still find a lot of red algae also though.

    Tom Barr

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    Would anyone be down to camp out for the freshwater Plantfest? I just got back from camping on the James river. It was SUPER fun and very cheap . We used hammocks, so we slept great every night. A hammock with a mosquito net is a must. A nice hammock would be about as much as the motel rooms, plus it will last much longer . Also If anyone is on the way from Alabama I'd be happy to pick up 2 people at most. Let me know.


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    The dates are July and not August, correct? The initial agenda says July but the days are 8/23, etc...



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    Yes, all dates are for July, I edited the dates to match(only the month).

    July 18th-20th, FW, July 22-24th, the Marine part.

    Tom Barr

  8. I have been considering this ever since I read your post on the planted tank forum. For someone who is new to planted tanks it sounds like a wealth of knowledge along with some fun throw in. Is there some type of registration or do we just show up in the parking lot? I live in the N suburbs of Atlanta so I would be driving down Friday night if I can work it all out. F/W portion only. What time do you expect we would be finished on Monday? I would probably drive back home that evening to be at work on Tue. Glad I bought a hybrid a couple months ago or flying would be cheaper, lol.

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    Just let me know to make sure to look for you and PM your contact info so I can get a hold of you should you become lost, over sleep etc.

    No formal registration, just a standard liability waiver in case you try and tease a gator, cannot swim but say you can, inherent nature of travel and water recreation.
    I'm good about telling folks what to expect and do, but you can never be too safe or account for all the messes folks can get themselves into.

    Tom Barr

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    is anyone going to be flying in to Jacksonville? I will becuase the plane tickets were significantly cheaper now i just need to find a ride. please let me know if anyone is going to be driving from Jacksonville to Gainsville I can throw in $ for gas.

    I would rent a car but the rental service said you have to be 25 to rent a car and i just turned 21.


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