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Thread: Zeosand or/and Purigen?

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    Zeosand or/and Purigen?

    Is Zeosand a "synonym" (so to speak) for Seachem's Purigen, in that do they essentially do the same thing?

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    No, purigen has a wider range of absorption. Much like Carbon.
    Zeosand is zeolite in a sand form.

    hence the name

    Tom Barr

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    What are the best uses of Purigen and Zeosand, then? I think I got confused reading other threads on these products, so I am now unsure how to plan on using these products.

    (I have a 25lb bag of Zeosand and a 1L jar of Purigen on hand; is there a "formula" roughly-speaking on how much per gallon one would use for each product?_


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