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Thread: Water polishing

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    Water polishing

    I'd appreaciate your advice on water polishing methods/equipment.
    I'm considering ordering a vortex diatom filter or a magnum filter from US....
    Do you find the 50-100 micron filter pads/socks useful? (Micron Filter Pads)
    Thanks for your help
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    I believe diatom filters pull out the nutrients we add. If it's just a temporary thing for pictures I guess that is no big deal. I used a real fine floss material in my canister and change it every other week. You can buy a big bag for like 10 bucks and it will last forever. It may not be as polished as your looking for though. I guess the question is what is your desired result. Short term crystal clear clarity or simply a better looking tank with sustainable results..
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    Thanks Crazymidwesterner,
    I believe I read somewhere in the forum that our fertilizers (NO3, PO4) are ions and therefore are dissolved in the water, and not suspended as particles that might be filtered by the diatom/micronic filter. I hope I got the process correct.

    I'm considering adding this extra-fine filtration just for cases of hazy water (I'm facing now ) and post major cleanups in the tank, not for routine use.

    Thank you
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    Diatomaceous earth filters are very good for what you described. Because they remove so much very fine stuff from the water they won't have the life needed for continuous use, but something like a H.O.T. Magnum 250, charged with DE powder should work very well as a clean up filter. It also works to remove green water algae if that misfortune hits you.

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    Thanks Vaughn
    I'll try to order the Magnum filter for these once in a while clean ups.
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