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    Cleaning Equipment

    I'm coming out of a nasty case of GW and Hair Algae and I want to clean off some of my equipment (heaters, filter intake/spraybar). The algae is fairly well attached and doesn't respond well to the usual soft damp cloth. I've heard of folks using bleach and H2O2 to clean. What's the best process for this cleanup without harming the equipment and fish/plants. What about driftwood ? I have a large piece that would probably take a 55 gallon trash to dunk it in.

    Scott Hogsten

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    Re: Cleaning Equipment

    Bleach or H2O2 works dandy.
    Use Dechlor thereafter with bleach.

    Tom Barr

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    Re: Cleaning Equipment

    I use H2O2 on wood then use a scrub bursh, well, used to anyway. I've also used an algae scrub pad for equipment parts and such, after soaking with H2O2. Easier to use even if you happen to splash and get some in your mouth. Just gargle and rinse and spit. H2O2 from Costco is cheap.

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