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Thread: usage of laterite

  1. usage of laterite

    I bought some aquarium gravel before I realized I needed ed better substrate for plants. I recently got some laterite, but how do I use it?

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    RE: Laterite

    It's best to put it in first under the gravel, and plant carefully or it can make one Helluva mess ! HTH. Prof M

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    I would mix it in with the first inch of substrate, then add another 2 inches or more of just the substrate on top of it. Then be very gentle about adding water to the tank to avoid disturbing the substrate down to where the laterite is.

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    I've got my first planted tank up and running and i'd used laterite soil in my setup...
    I've made a log of preparing the substrate in another forum.. Substrate for planted tank: Log of first timer

    I hope it helps u...Also mebbe other experienced can comment on wot cud have been done in a better way..



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