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Thread: c02 measurement :)

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    c02 measurement :)

    Hey Tom,

    I was thinking of spending some $ on meters/toys for c02 measurement...

    Can you please recommend the following:

    1. PH meter

    2. Hardness meter

    a. Easy to use and portable.
    b. Accurate
    c. Want to go easily from one tank to the other

    Sorry but there are so many out there and I am thinking you use them more often than I do

    With these I can get a better idea using the ph chart....

    What is the latest in terms of c02 meters? Is the Oxyguard still the best of the 'lower priced' models?

    What advances have been made in this technology? R U any closer to developing a better tool than a drop checker



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    American marine for pH, maybe the Hanna for Alk, but you'll need a set of known KH solutions to check the Hanna meter.

  3. Dr. Fosters sells the solutions, I believe.

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