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Thread: Rotala sp. 'green' problem

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    Rotala sp. 'green' problem

    Does anybody know what deficiency is this?
    It only appears on Rotala sp. green - Rotala sp. 'colorata' and Rotala rotundifolia (stem is visible on the left) doing well. Also all other plants doing well.
    I am dosing 10 ppm of NO3, 1 ppm of PO4 and 12 ppm of K 3 times a week, as well as Plantex CSM+B the day when i don't dosing macros.
    KH 12, GH 13, pH 7,1 and my drop checker is limegreen - thats about 30ppm CO2


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    It might be potassium. How much light do you have?

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    3x58W T8 the tank is 550 liters. It's not too weak light, I've been running it several months with only one lamp (58W) and Rotala sp. 'green' was growing well under it

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    I noticed the same problem with my Rotala Sp. "Ceylon". However, I always assumed it was just being damaged by the Otto's since they tend to break the tips after sucking on them.

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