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Thread: 7.5G Low Tech Cube

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    7.5G Low Tech Cube


    I decided to document the progress on my 12" cube here, to try to learn through documentation and analysis.

    Hardscape Setup

    My goals for the project:

    -learn how to run a heavily planted low-light low-tech low maintenance nano aquarium
    -keep shrimp successfully (they always get wiped out in my high tech fertilized tank)
    -to keep the plants alive and flourishing
    -to attempt the dry start method as advised on these boards
    -to attempt to develop a sense of depth through plant and hardscape placement


    - 12" ADA 7.5G cube
    - Eco Complete
    - Finnex Clip-on Fugeray-R (rated "low light")
    - Aquaclear 20 (use cuttlefish bone to buffer soft Boston water)
    - no heater (Tom's advice)


    - Java Fern
    -"Fountain" Chain Sword (acquired at Boston Aquatic Society meeting)
    - Staurogyne Repens
    - Tropica Sword
    - Crypt Parva
    - As yet undetermined moss
    - Subwassertang


    - Shrimp (tbd)
    - Vietnamese panda loach (1" full grown)
    - Tiny rasbora of some kind

    Any feedback or advice would be welcome (particularly on treatment of dry wood prior to DSM and flooding)


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    Dry Start Method Update #1


    Finally got the plants in, here's the list:

    Christmas Moss
    Java Fern
    Crypt Parva
    Crypt 'Lucia'
    Staurogyne Repens
    'Fountain' Chain Sword
    'Tropica' Sword

    And the new look:

    Current Treatment:

    Mist with distilled water 1x daily
    200mg Erythromycin sprinkled to treat BGA forming in water pools, sprinkled daily x4.

    As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

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