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Thread: Did my reg passed the leak test?

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    Did my reg passed the leak test?


    I started testing a victor 453d regulator yesterday night using bettatails guidelines. Please see the pics and let me know if it passed the test. Please excuse the date as I, for some reason, typed them in incorrectly. The first pics was taken yesterday whereas the other three today. Thanks!


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    I would not be satisfied with those results after only 10 hours.

    I rebuilt my VTS 250 and it held pressure for a week and then dropped. I found it to be a leaky gage. Replaced the gage and it held its pressure for a month and then I stopped testing.

    Co2 beverage mechanics are happy if it will hold for 24 hours, but then again they sell co2.

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    I would also be unsatisfied with these results.

    You are showing a 50% loss after 10 hours, which is a significant amount.

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    something is leaking on the low-pressure side (diaphram, post body, or low pressure gauge). Re-seal the low pressure guage, the post body, and test again. either that or remove the post body and plug the regulator 1/4" npt body port, then test again. Are you using teflon tape or pipe dope?

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