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Thread: Low Tech Test Question

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    Low Tech Test Question

    Gun shy as I have tried to raise plants in the past four times without success, so I am testing with just a few plants. I have a 50G tank, 18" deep, light fish load, new plant friendly substrate, a two bulb 48" T5HO fixture with one bulb, 6700k running 7 h/d, and just three low light plants. The tank is cycled and algae is under control. Planted one java fern, one Anubis, and some dwarf hair grass.

    Plants have been in for a week and have shown little or no change since planting. (at least they have not gone down hill).

    I believe my lighting is equivalent to low or medium but I do not know for sure. I have ordered a par sensor so that I can verify that.

    I am set up for the PPS program with the various dry components and mixing jugs. I have not added any ferts at this point.

    I am not adding CO2.

    I have read that no additional ferts are required for the first several weeks and I have added none.

    I plan to add more plants if the few I have thrive over a couple of month period. I had thought to add the PPS daily dose once a week after having added more plants. I have root tabs in addition but have not added any as I have new substrate, (planting mix from, and I assume there is sufficient for now.

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    Soooooo what's your question? :P

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    I would not use PPS for a non CO2 tank.

    You need more plants.
    Non CO2 requires patience.
    That's the point in using that method.

    ADA As or MTS would be a better sediment. than root tabs, particularly if this is a non CO2 tank.
    Many use the dry start method for non CO2 tanks, this grows the plants in fast, then you flood the tank after.
    Roots are well established etc this way etc.

    You also have too much light/no while things have not gone downhill, they most certainly will soon enough.

    2 T8 lights would be better for this tank if you want non CO2. You could also do a hybrid and dose Excel and do 2x a week water changes for the 1st 1-2 months till things grow in.
    You need more plants also, the more, the better.

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