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Thread: CO2 diffuser position

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    CO2 diffuser position

    Is it better to place the CO2 diffuser on the same side of where the filtered water enters the tank , or on the opposite side?

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    Most people like to put it directly under the filter return so that as the bubbles from the diffuser rise, they are pushed around the aquarium by the flow of water.

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    For me since my filter return is out of range of my diffuser, i have the outflow directed at the diffuser at the other end of the tank. It circulates the bubbles around the tank for me this way. Otherwise, underneath all i get is bubbles rising to surface. If i had a larger outflow, i would put it there.

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    One more it better to place the diffuser as low as possible next to the substrate, or better place it in the middle ?

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    Well, logic tells me that since the bubbles are trying to get to the surface, if you increase the time it takes for them to reach it, you have a better chance of dissolution. Therefore, lower is better.

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    Place it where it gets blown around the tank the best and stays in the water column for the longest period of time. Every tank differs due to flow arrangement.

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    Thanks to all!

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    Also, remember that flow in the tank will change as plants fill in. What was ideal placement today may need to change if you let a particular showpiece plant grow out and obstruct the flow.


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