I'm going to be setting up an ADA Mini M as soon as I get all the parts to build my CO2 regulator. The question that I have is what is the best method to supply the CO2? I would like to use a DIY inline reactor, but am not sure if it will work with the Eheim 2211 and inline heater that I plan to use. My main concern is the reduction in flow.*

I have an AM 1000 reactor on a larger tank that is run with an Eheim 2217. I also have an inline heater on this set up and it has reduced my flow quite a bit. I added an MP10 to get more flow and it worked out nicely. I would prefer to not have to add a powerhead to the Mini M since it's such a small tank and I want to minimize equipment in the tank.

Any thoughts on the inline reactor? What size should the reactor be if you think that it will work? I really want to avoid a diffuser since I don't care for the 7-UP look in the tank.