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Thread: Outflow pressure question?

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    Outflow pressure question?

    Hello everyone

    I was curious about what outflow pressure and bps rate would ADA recommend when using their diffusers and to my surprise their fixed pressure regulator model is set to 0.30MPa which googles converts to 43.5psi. That's more pressure than what atomizers allegedly need (35psi) to mist CO2, if I am not mistaken. So I started wondering what difference does the working pressure make in the planted tank? My regulator is set to 16psi just because it is kind of in the middle of the 10-20psi range I've seen recommended on the internet but I really don't know why. So far, to me the only difference is that at higher psi rates more bubbles come out of the tube end in the water and less needle valve turns are needed to get 1 or 2 bps. For the atomizers it makes kind of sense that more pressure is needed to push CO2 through their smaller pores but for ceramic diffusers, I don't get it... Probably I am missing something...

    What effect does outflow pressure have for our use in planted tanks? What determines the working pressure to use?


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    Working pressure depends on the diffusion method and the needs of the tank. I use a NW pump and was at say 12 psi for awhile. I bumped to 14-15 and got better results w/o as you say needing to increase the NV rate. I had an atomizer that took 35 psi....


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    Thanks Gerryd

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