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Thread: Mystery Loach aggressive

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    Mystery Loach aggressive

    loach mystery.jpgloach mystery.jpgI bought these as Peppermint loaches and as soon as I put them in qt figured they may be Schistura mahnerti 'Red Tail Zebra Loach'. Based on what I read online it seemed like they may be one of the few "mean" loaches. In a 10 gallon qt they did fine with Hillstreams and Flagfish for over a month so I figured they'd do fine in my 340 with a ton of hiding places. It seems like they are bullying the bottom dwellers and my snails are disappearing. Can anyone id these for sure based on this picture? I'd never be able to net them out of the tank, does anyone have any experience with making a fishtrap or have any other ideas? Thanks.

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    the "aggressive" behaviour of any fish could be related to the conditions from the tank. loaches are very nice fish and they sleep on their side. they like to be kept in packs of 5 and 6 individuals, but they need big tanks (at least 200 liters) with gravel (1-4 mm sand) and many hidding places. if these conditions are not present in your tank, this could be a reason of their behaviour. i forgot to add the fact that they require a clean water. if you have other questions (i had loached for one year), please.

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