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    Just joined and, hopefully, set up my UK APS signature.

    I am taking delivery of a 6' x 2' x 2' tomorrow when the fun will begin.

    Anyone here from Leicester?

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    welcome aboard... for your sig try :


    or for html

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

    you cannot cut and paste direct for the top one.. you need to change the { to a [ prior to the URL ad the IMG bits.

    Pop to the website for details: UK Aquatic Plant Society Main Website
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    180 Litre planted community tank - Heavily planted community.
    60 litre planted tank - LDA033, 4 vaillants choc gourmais.
    25 litre empty tank - breeder tank


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      Many thanks


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        I think we need a certain amount of posts before we're alowed to link to images, as I have the same problem

        Welcome! I'm relatively new too. Signed up a little while ago but not been too active till now

        I'm in Coventry, so not too far away!
        47gal Rio 180 Tropical | 20gal long coldwater tank | 7gal mini tropical


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          Welcome Keith00

          Nice to see the numbers steadily growing
          We're all here because we're not all there


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            Thanks for the welcomes.

            Nice to see there are fairly local people Dev





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              Hi Keith,
              Very jealous of your tank - lucky you!

              I'm in Nottingham so not far and there's a few guys who I'm sure are from Leicester knocking around too.


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                welcome guys. I am not too far away either, Daventry - J18 M1.

                Look forward to seeing your tank Keith, I wish i could have one that big!


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                  Howdy Keith,

                  Hopefully you'll have a nice FW planted tank or decide to go a large marine planted system, maybe some purple seadragons to go with those seaweeds?

                  I'm trying to get the Monterey Bay Aquarium to do a nice SeaDragon display with marine macros and seagrasses.

                  I've pinpointed to them how to grow our local seagrasses well here.

                  Reefs are also very nice, I am using some smaller seagrasses in an upcoming reef I have planned for the foreground and then a regular coral reef display, just with a nice seagrass front.

                  Refuges are also an obvious aspect I'm good with.
                  This is a namely FW plant group, but there are more and more Marine plant folks popping up and trying things.

                  Tom Barr


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                    I'm from Leicester!



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                      I am glad there are some Leicester people here. Apart from the net I have never seen a planted tank so maybe a get together some time?

                      Tom I see from your reply that you must have had a peek at my reef web site but in spite of your comments my decision has been made and I am now going the freshwater planted tank route and have sold all my salt water gear.

                      I wish you luck with Monterey Bay Aquarium - I didn't realise you were into salt water as well. The sea-grass project sounds good. I looked into this some years ago but we could not get it here in the UK and I was told that although some shops were looking into it there were great difficulties in transplanting it and getting it to grow.

                      I have, hopefully, attached a picture of my new tank. The back and one side are painted black, there are 5 x 58 watt lights in a home made hood. The tank will be heavily planted and managed by the Barr modified Walstad approach. I have six bags of Flourite and 50 kilos of fine gravel waiting to go in but before I add it I would be grateful for any comments on the position of the driftwood please.
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                        Thats gonna be great mate, i'm well jelous, look forward to seeing it develop.