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Where to get ferts? Anyone selling any?

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  • Where to get ferts? Anyone selling any?

    Hi guys. I'm going to be starting dry dosing my tank, but I need something to dry dose with

    I plan to follow Tom's very good post about no CO2/light dosing/low light tanks (hopefully!). Fingers crossed I won't end up with a brown sludgey plant mess

    Ok, I need KH2PO4 and KNO3. Aqua Essentials is the only place I know to get these, and their website seems to be down this morning. Any advice where I can get these two powders? I'll also be getting some Seachem EQ but I can source that from a lot of sites
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    You can get most of the powders from Garden Direct
    Potassium nitrate
    Potassium phosphate

    Seachem Equilibrium from Ultimate Aquatics

    I'd wait until AE was back up as you can get all these from one place then and save on P&P.

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      Thanks James I'll take a look, see about postage...
      47gal Rio 180 Tropical | 20gal long coldwater tank | 7gal mini tropical


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        I have some spare KH2PO4 if you want it for free. My tap water has high phosphate and I had to change to K2SO4 instead.

        pm me if you want it

        its only 250g or so... but it lasts for ages.
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          I can sell you some CSM+B. PM me if you're interested.



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            Rex Grigg's site I think has a good link or supply listed.
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