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  • Best suppliers and prices?

    Could we add add list names and websites of suppliers who have great service and prices?

    Not having purchased anything yet I am a bit short of recommendations
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    For cheap plants of good quality i use greenline

    For High quality plants I would go for tropica plants - probably from Richard at aqua essentials. If I was feeling brave - apparently Pets @ Home stores stock tropica plants. I would only check them out on delivery day - they aren't kept in the best of condition.

    For general fish equipment I tend to use Aquatics Online who have great prices and deliver promptly.

    For Unusual mosses and cheap CO2 glassware I use Mike at Aquatic Magic an ebay store based in Malaysia.

    For delivery of unusual fish types that I cant seem to track down in other places, I always try Monty at Tri Mar aquaria
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      If you want another couple of sources for unusual fish, especially Apistogrammas, try these two;

      Dwarf Cichlid Aquatics

      Biddulph Aquatics, a UK source for dwarf cichlids

      I have bought from both and can really recomend them for rare and unusual Apistos, great for planted tanks, and things like pencilfish and other unusual stuff.

      On plants and other stuff I agree with Bob's recomendations completely, they're the ones I use!


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          Birstall Garden centre ( Aquatics ) have a good range of fishkeeping products, but the real attraction (IMO) is the number of Tropica plants they have in stock... I have never shopped there, but people say that the plants are of a good quality as well.



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            For Plants and glassware I too use Aquatic Magic (who may be putting my tank on the front page) we'll wait and see but fingers crossed at my end anyway.

            I do use P@H for Tropica Plants as I work next door and I only buy the same day as they are delivered.

            I buy all my fish from Pleco Aquatics, good prices, excellent quality and excellent service

            I buy disposable CO2 cannisters from here:
            Gas Welding - The Welders Warehouse- Welding

            PC Bulbs from here:
            Surrey Pet Supplies supplies products for UK dogs, cats and other pets UK

            Glass Thermometers and filter wool from wilkos

            And of course ebay also has an endless bank of underpriced items (as well as the dodgy broke items that you often get second hand from there)



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              I like:

              The Green Machine

              Plants Alive