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doseing micro ferts

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  • doseing micro ferts

    Hi all
    Got my dry ferts through from Aquaessentials and made up some stock solution of
    KNO3 and KPO4 but was wondering do you make up a stock solution for
    the trace minerals or dose them dry. Tank is 5x2x2 98g, if I mix up a solution how much would I mix with 250ml of water and how much of that do I add to the tank,
    if doing a dry mix I will be adding about half a teaspoon three times a week does this sound about right.

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    One technique that always works is to decide how much dry fertilizer you want to dose each time, how much liquid mixture you want to dose each time, then add X doses of dry fertilizer and X doses of liquid to the bottle and shake it up well. If you don't try to add so much dry fert to the water that it doesn't all dissolve the method is foolproof.