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  • Proposed meeting @ George's

    Frankly I'm amazed, but I timed it well and my wonderful wife has agreed to allow a meeting at my place.

    I propose an informal gathering of around a dozen or so folk where we can talk plants, swap stuff etc.

    It will obviously be a social event too, so I'm up for doing a big BBQ with plenty of food and drinks etc. Hopefully the British weather will do us proud....

    More details to follow....

    Any feedback or ideas more than welcome.
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    Hi George good on the wife, But im afraid i cant make that weekend because some friends of mine are holding a memorial fishing match in memory of my son Ben and to raise money for macmillan cancer nurses my wife and i feel we should show our faces in support, i will keep looking in incase there is a change of date and i hope the weekend is a success. regards John.
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      id love to go, will see how funds are closer to the time as its quite a way from dorset.

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        Sounds good and would love to come. Won't know till nearer the time if I'm able to go as we often go away bank holiday weekends.

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          I'll say a tentative YES
          Confirm a bit nearer the time.
          It's only an 1 hour jaunt down the A1 from Donny

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            I shall do my best to be there. Its two weeks before the wedding, so we shall see a little closer the time.

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              Well thats just bl**dy typical! you choose a date two weeks after I move to Wales! so my 50 min jaunt to your house will then be around 4 hours I will do my best though mate, solidarity between Liz's finest and all that


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                I'll be there if your ok with that George. I wont know until a month or so as i'll have to ensure i'm not working.


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                  I`d love to go, but I have to wash my Hairgrass that night.

                  Actually, miracle of miracles I am off work that day so I can make it. I could show everybody my war medals I earnt whilst serving in Her Majesty`s Finest.


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                    tentative yes from me too. saturdays are generally fine as the misses works! be great to meet up i'll confirm closer to the time but cant see it clashing with anything. Thanks George for getting the ball rolling.


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                      Thats a good one Dave I got 'you geek' looks from both my GF and sister, but I dont care! LOL

                      Can you count me in George, I'll probably not be doing much that wkd.



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                        EDIT - I cant seem to work this forum out! :S


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                          If there's space George I'd love to crack a few beers round a bbq with you all. And it's a nice drive from Nottingham! Be great to meet and chat with everyone.


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                            i dont know how you would feel about a 17yr old coming but i might be able to


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                              Firstly a quick explanation for my lack of activity on here...

                              I've just moved house, moved job location, have been away from home on courses and have only just sorted internet connection.

                              Anyway, the meet is still on for the 25th Aug (bank holiday weekend).

                              For those that are serious about attending, please e-mail

                              I'm limiting guests to around 10 or so. I already have PFK technical writer, Jeremy Gay attending. He's a great guy and has some fascinating stories about the industry.