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  • Recommended UK outlets

    Here is a place where you can recommend any aquatic outlets. Especially ones useful for the planted tank hobbyist.

    I'll start off with Aqua Essentials. Aqua Essentials.

    In my opinion the best planted tank specialist in the UK, for many reasons. Richard Cale, the owner, is a major asset to the hobby.
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    aquatic outletl

    Hi all i will add AQUAJARDIN as my favourite outlet for all things planted , They stock TROPICA plants DENNERLE products and they have several planted tanks up and running.You can find them immediatly off junction 12 M5south , all the staff are very friendly and blooms garden centre is three doors away if you fancy a bite to eat.

    Regards John
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      I have started a site off and as a side line am sellling c02 equipment and hopefully a little more as I get more contacts and suppliers, the plan is to make it at more affordable prices than some sites.
      If anyone is after needle valves and regulators, have a look here more will be added asap and if you are after anything in particular, let me know
      Spend over £5 on CO2 products and input the voucher code 10SAVECO2 at checkout. you will then get a 10% discount on the purchases price
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        Good luck with that Paul. One port of call for all the high pressure parts would be great. Having access to spare seals will be very useful for some people.



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          i have bought a number of plants from Greenline. low prices, quality plants and good advice from Andy (the owner) if required.

          for JBL products - Wildwoods, Crews Hill - Enfield or Swallow aquatics between harlow and epping. both stock jbl co2 systems and acessories.

          home marine - again, Crews Hill - Enfield, stock some tropica plants and tropica plant nutrition / Master grow (same thing). They will order specific tropica plants if required. Very Very good service knowledgable staff and they have heard of EI !


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            i got my plants from Aquarium Plants | Pond Plants | Plants Alive
            some werent up to much but they sent excelent replacement! with no quibbleing or any hassle

            also in edinburgh check out the aquatic center, i work there on sunday and they have tropica plants, and lots of co2 products. also me! so if your in the are give it a try