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  • Plant swaps/buy

    Thought I would start the plant swap/sell/buy thread...

    I am after a few cuttings for my sons 45L tank so he can wipe the floor at the PFK competition
    I have given him a few, but hes after more and I dont really want/cant afford to place yet another order with Andy at Greenline, so any donations would be appreciated and postage will be paid

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    On Offer

    Have some monosolenium tenerum I can send, or a small offshoots of twisted vallis (sorry don't know the exact name, but it doesn't grow much bigger than say 30cm). Could also do some Ludwigia repens, java moss, hygrophilia polysperma or anubias barteri v. nana.

    Should have said that the anubias, java moss and hygro come from a tank with ramshorns and MTS as tankmates, whereas the rest come from the tank with just MTS - both my tanks have duckweed.

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      Sounds good, I have some java and christmas moss and some riccia if you want them


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        I normally have :
        hygrophilia polysperma (every couple of weeks)
        Corkscrew vallis plantlets (4-8ish)
        Echinodorus tenellus plantlets (probably 10-20 left after replanting)

        I'm looking for something 'red' that would be suitable for my 30" x 12" x 14" tank.
        I have nearly 3wpg and use DIY CO2 and EI.



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          Hi ,

          All excess cuttings/plants from my tank.
          Location: South london, Surrey,UK
          Plants: Bunches of between 5 to 10 plants

          Vallisneria nana
          Ceratophylum demersum (Hornwort)
          Echinodoras quadricostatus ( Dwarf sword)
          Hemianthus micranthemoides (pearl grass)
          Heteranthera zosterifolia (Stargrass)
          Limnobium Laevigatum (Frogbit)- floating plant
          Ludwiga repens "Rubin"-Dark red
          Rotala Wallichii
          Myriophyllum mattogrossense ( easy plant , not normally available)
          Najas Indica

          All above will do better in a tank with high light , nutrients and co2
          Will only sell all of the above in one lot.
          20 the lot ono + 2.50 postage

          Will include other plants not indicated above.

          OR will swop for rare Cryptocorynes

          Will accept paypal
          Send me a pm.
          Thanks for looking.



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            I'm on the look out for:
            1. Approx 20 stems of Bacopa australis
            2. Approx 20 stems of Rotala sp Green
            3. 1x Aponogeton crispus.

            Just in case anyone happens to have any that they're looking to part with.