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Starting out: UKAPS mission statement

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  • Starting out: UKAPS mission statement

    The UKAPS's focus is the promotion of the aquatic plant aquarium hobby specifically inside the UK.

    Some useful informational threads to start:

    1.Where to get CO2 regulators, Needle valves, gas tanks, tubing and refills

    2. How to raise money for any cost and group buys (plant sales on line are very effective or sales to the LFS for the plants, plant sales drives from membership once a year or so provides more $ than 15-20$ membership annual dues etc)

    3. No membership dues, who can remember to pay them anyhow?

    4. Formation of a small 3 person steering committee(democratic liasons between members and funds allocation). One person starts a savings account for depositing of funds(the treasurer).

    5. Plant swap(free), once a month in person/twice a month on line(receiver pays shipping cost only)

    6. Group buys for fertilizers Trace mixes, KNO3, KH2PO4,plants from Tropica or Oriental aquarium etc.

    7. Rotate the location for the meetings, this way every shares in the different distances and folks can meet without having to travel too far every time.

    8. Splinter groups, basically small local cores of hobbyists that want to form their own group and do swaps etc may do so and have open house to show off their tanks.

    9. This is your club, you make work. It does not cost $.

    I can offer the web space here for free. Cost me nothing.
    Also, I do not have advertisers here either.
    It's open access, all you do is register, it cost nothing.


    Tom Barr

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    Can I make a (probably) bold request? That this doesn't turn into another forum, we have Tom's, TFF and AE and I dont think we need another one. It would also keep thread numbers smaller and we can then really focus on promoting the hobby rather than just answering questions. I think that's want we need more than another forum?



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      I actually agree with Themuleous on this one ,I spend most evenings on my laptop as it is , We certainly dont need another forum.


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        Tff ?
        Ae ?


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          TFF and


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            Thanks for the explanation.
            If ti was not for TFF, i would not be here.


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              The point is, that you folks will eventually form your own for yourselves.
              I wanted to give a little push and boost up to doing that here.
              Now there is a sizable group interested and talking, things will start happening.

              You may pull members from this and other forums.
              Since there are no fees/membership dues etc, it's not a hard sell.

              Tom Barr


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                We will be having our own forum as time goes on, its an easy thing for me to bolt onto the website. But for the time being, we'd like to stay here.. mainly because its already a good focus for us, as most of our members came from here, including me!

                Whatever happens with where our forum is, we'll always have very close ties with Tom and the others.

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