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FS- Smaller Portions of Ken's Premium Foods!!! 4oz for $13 shipped 1st class!!!

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  • FS- Smaller Portions of Ken's Premium Foods!!! 4oz for $13 shipped 1st class!!!

    Don't know why I never posted my smaller portions of Kens Premium Foods here but now that I realized I have not I think its time to change that! So here is a copied and pasted sale thread from over at TPT.

    Well its time again to create a new thread as I have just made an order from Ken.

    It will be $5 for the first oz of the food then $4 per oz with 4oz orders for $13 shipped 1st class!!! This includes shipping and if you don't want a half pound that will go stale in 6 months then here is where it's at. I decided to make a change to shipping. There have been more problems with USPS messing up/loosing destroying some packages as of late so I think I should give an options for shipping. Normally I throw in shipping for free with orders that are of 4oz or more ($13 shipped 1st class). Since there have been issues what I am going to do from now on if the package hasn't arrived in 14 days from shipment date I will reship as long as the purchaser pays $3 for reshipping and $3 to help pay for the lost food of the original food order (on a 13$ order the total to reship will be $6. Now though I am going to give the option of priority shipping for $6 so the package can be tracked and also it will arrive faster. I will charge $3 to reship plus 30% of total food order if the food has not arrived within 14 days and you choose the free 1st class shipping, but if you choose the priority option I will reship for FREE if the package has not arrived within one week of shipping date!


    All orders will be shipped on the following Friday after payment is made.

    Here are the beautiful offerings.


    Earthworm flake-My CRS LOVE this stuff and the protein really helps with speedy egg development

    Spirulina flake- Shrimp LOVE this as well

    Beef heart flake-My discus display magnificent colors since getting this.

    Super Tropical Flake-A great everyday fish food (similar to Tetra color or the like) This is pretty much the improved version of the Regular Tropical Food flake which I no longer offer since I can provide this, an even more beneficial food at the same price!!!

    Kens Premium Color Max Flakes


    Spirulina sticks

    Earthworm sticks

    Kens Premium Vegetable Sticks With Calcium


    Soft and moist with Krill-Great conditioning food for bottom dwellers and mid swimmers a like. Lots of good stuff in these, best kept in the freezer or fridge if your not using a ton of it due to all of the beneficial goodness.

    Tropical Green Granule 1.2mm-This is a pellet that is formulated with a unique proprietary blend of algae that lends to it's striking green coloration. It is a super healthy pro-biotic food that aids in digestion and overall wellness of your animals!

    Super color crumble #2 -This stuff is really different than ANY food I have ever seen. It feels like fresh coffee grounds and smells like a wonderful mix of animal and plant proteins! This stuff is a game changer!

    Just for a visual reference. This is one oz of beef heart flakes and one oz of earthworm flakes. Its ALLOT of food for $9 shipped!

    So since I'm getting a lot of messages from people who are wanting food for specific animals I'm going to put together some different mixes so the consumer would just have to pinch from one bag instead of mixing, not having enough of a singular food because they mixed too much X flake into it whatever.

    All of these mixes will be sold in 1 2 and 4 oz portions for $5.50/$9.50/$16 respectively.


    Shrimp Growth Mix-Will be a mix of earthworm/beef heart & spirulina flakes. Earthworm and beef heart are great sources of protein and the spriulina is fantastic vegetable matter with a good amount of Ca for good shell growth.

    Shrimp/Snail Egg Production Mix-Will be a mix of Beef heart flakes, Earth Worm flakes and Egg Flakes. Beef heart and Earthworm are the sources of protein which is what egg production mainly relies on the Egg Flakes also has a great amount of protein and will keep them healthier and better looking during the trying process of reproduction.

    Colormax+ Mix-Will be a mixture of Colormax, and Super Tropical Flakes. I see the best result in my discus when I feed an even ratio of Colormax and Super Tropical flake which contains plant proteins and omegas that are great for fish/shrimp/anything in the tank!


    Shrimp/Invert/Bottom Dweller Growth Stick Mix-Will contain Spirulina sticks, Veggie sticks w/Ca, and Earthe Worm Sticks. This is great for large shrimp tanks and also for any bottom feeders that like these foods. You could also snap the pieces in bits for smaller tanks/less shrimp or animals.

    Breeding & Conditioning Stick Mix-Will contain Spirulina sticks, Color Crumble #2 and Tropical Green Granules. Spirulina is a good balance of properties, Sinking color pellets are full of good fiber to aid in digestion and the Super Color Pellets have nice amounts of protein and fat to help weather the storm.

    Super Color Mix+-Will contain Color Crumble #2, Tropical Green Granules and Soft & Moist w/Krill. I feed this to my pleco breeding tank once a week since the other foods are more based on breeding and this evens it out a bit.

    Please if you would like to discuss your own mix shoot me a PM!
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    This is really good food actually, no MSG(why the heck do many places add this?).


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      Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
      This is really good food actually, no MSG(why the heck do many places add this?).
      I'm certain that its added in most of the commercial foods to increase the shelf life of their products. IMO, it is not too much trouble to keep the unused portions in the freezer taking out what ill use in a month or so whenever its necessary. In my Discus tank, that was fed for years mainly Tetra Colorbits (which I once held in the highest regard) the Discus will barely even tough the Colorbits now since I have been feeding them Kens foods. They absolutely attack any of the Kens offerings but since im weird about throwing stuff like that out I have to force myself to use it all up, thankfully im down to only a few servings left!

      I also used to think the Colorbits were the bees knees because of the colors it brought out in my fish were just great. Well its amazing what change in perspective adds to ones view of something. Within two weeks of feeding the Kens food not only were the already apparent colors much more bright and distinguished but there were actually MORE colors that weren't even showing when they were fed the Colobits solely that showed up after offering the Kens food.

      Tom, I dont know what you feed your fish but if you have room for about 4oz of food and would tell me what fish you have or more specifically what colorful fish you have that you would like to bring out even more color, or perhaps you have some fish that your trying to breed that are being difficult I would be happy to send you a package for $3 shipping. You have helped me in that past multiple times and I would be happy to try to repay the debt of gratitude with a bit of food.


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        Kens fish food are great I'm using many of there food products as well


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          Originally posted by jczz1232 View Post
          Kens fish food are great I'm using many of there food products as well
          Im sorry I did not reply sooner. I dont get notification from this site every time for some reason (I have checked all my setting too, same thing happens at APC for some reason too).

          It is great stuff. I have use sooooo many of the commercially available foods over the years and they all pale in comparison to the Kens stuff. I actually had some Cardinal Tetras in my Discus tank that were shipped to me by a member of another forum from NY.NY so I have no idea how old they actually were but they were certainly full grown when I go them. And they still lived 4 years in my tank! It's actually very funny/strange to me too as they all died within two weeks of the first one going. We all know how Cardinal/Neon Tetras are known for their lack of longevity and these guys were the real honest opposition to that idea.

          Get some of the best foods available at great prices!

          If you get this food and feed it to your animals and do not see an improvement in their coloration and condition, I welcome you to post up your experience here. But when you do I ask that you do the same and let everyone know how great this stuff really is!


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            To the top!!!!!!!!!!!!