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Emmersed packages starting at $8 plus ship

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  • Emmersed packages starting at $8 plus ship

    all are everything pictured

    hygrophila cherry x 2 gigantic stems, i will have to top each and so really 4 stems, 2 bottoms 2 tops to fit into box
    $11 shipped
    ludwigia arcuata
    $15 shipped
    syngonanthus flavidulus-good for a terrestrial setup, i not success submerged
    $20 shipped
    rotala mexicana goias
    $15 shipped
    rotala roto. orange juice (SOLD)
    $15 shipped
    starter portion of hair grass belem, this is not the tissue culture stuff mini, this is longer and curves at the tips, true hair grass belem
    $15 shipped
    fissidens taxifolius on wood
    $21 shipped
    lindernia india
    $15 shipped
    Monte carlo (SOLD)
    approx 7"x5"
    $35 shipped

    MC bad pic, cloudy water from uproot, shiz is clean

    arcuata, everything pictured including blurry set,s

    hygro cherry

    hairgrass belem

    orange juice


    rotala mex goias-foreground plant with pretty pinks, reds, and purples

    syn flavidulus

    lindernia india
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