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FS: Matheson Mini, Micro-Matic and Airgas regulators

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  • FS: Matheson Mini, Micro-Matic and Airgas regulators

    Well I hate to do it but I have a baby coming within the week, so my collection of regs has to be thinned out.

    For parts - Airgas Y12-N145B nickel plated dual stage - has usable 50 psi gauges & knob/cap, 2" nickel plated CGA nut and nipple plated by myself, I still have the sticker that goes over the shut off valve if you really want that. I did some testing and I'm pretty sure it has a blown seal inside, working pressure slowly rises during use. $30 plus shipping (will figure out shipping if someone actually buys this) CONUS - Cashiers check - Money order- PayPal


    Matheson 3852 - SOLD

    All parts on this build are new but were tested for about a month, rock solid, no leaks. Lightweight and compact, under 4lbs.

    -Matheson 3852 Dual Stage Mini Regulator
    -Swagelok SS-SS4 - 316 Stainless Steel Low Flow Metering Valve
    -Swagelok 316 Stainless Steel Ham-let Tubing Insert and Flanges
    -Swagelok 316 Stainless Steel Post-Body Fittings
    -2" Aluminum CGA 320 Nut and Nipple
    -Clippard Mouse Solenoid
    -3 Way Manifold with outlets for 2 additional metering valves (sealed with stainless screws)
    -Removable 24v AC Adapter w/ 6' Power Cord
    -12" Tygon CO2 Tubing
    -Nickel Plated Brass Check Valve
    -DIY Glass Bubble Counter

    SOLD $350 shipped CONUS - PayPal - Cashiers check - Money order SOLD

    Pictures (5lb CO2 Canister Not For Sale) >

    Size Reference - Left to Right: Micromatic Premium - Matheson 3852 - Airgas Y12-N145B - Matheson 3810

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    Update: I'll take other forms of payment besides paypal.
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      thats a ss mini matheson, $700+ brand new.


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          Micro-matic sold locally. Airgas still available for parts
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            Deal fell through. SS Mini Matheson 3852 is still for sale.


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              Price drop, Matheson 3852 $375 shipped


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                $350 shipped for the 3852.

                Already well packed and ready to ship.


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                  PM sent for the 3852.
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                    Matheson 3852 is sold

                    Airgas Y12-N145B for parts is still available