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Any way to regenerate ADA Aquasoil?

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  • Any way to regenerate ADA Aquasoil?

    Been having problems with my tank lately and did a complete tear down today. Been getting algae and not much growth, so it's time to start from scratch.

    My question is, is there anyway to regenerate the Aquasoil? It's about 3 years old and still holding its shape well. I emptied about a 5 gallon pale worth and gave it a good rinsing and still seems pretty solid. I want to start the tank back up, but if the Aquasoil is cashed then I'm not sure I want to put that back in. Was just wondering if there was a trick
    to using older soil. Perhaps like putting a layer of peat underneath or something. Never had great luck with Osmocote, seemed to entice algae outbreaks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gonna clean tank in the morning.


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    Not really since you need to mix the NH4 back into the grains. If you have a solid brick and plow it and fold it in like they do in rice paddies, it the only way.
    But then you'd need to reform and compress/cook the grains again.

    Simply soaking the soil in NH3 will impart a little to it. But not like the fresher stuff.