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Brightwell Florin Volcanit XF - does it dissolve into mud?

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  • Brightwell Florin Volcanit XF - does it dissolve into mud?

    After 12yrs out of the hobby, I'm setting up my old Oceanic 58g. It was between Flourite Sand and Brightwell Florin Volcanit XF which sounded sexy because it's supposed to be made from volcanic soil. I ordered the Brightwell and have just received it. It looked different than I anticipated and I tried mushing it between my fingers. Unfortunately, it crushed into black dust without much effort and I'm afraid it's going to dissolve into mud.

    Has anyone experience with this stuff? I like to change the layout every so often and I'm wondering if it might help to mix in some 1mm sand which might help to give roots access to a dosed water column or perhaps that'll end up making cement. I'm not big on the Amano nature aesthetic these days, so I might decide to use it in containers like low bonsai pots and other ceramic vessels with decorative sand on the bottom. I once saw a gorgeous tank done this way.

    Anyway, if you can relate any experience you've had using the Brightwell stuff it would be appreciated.
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    I believe it's baked soil so it will break down over time but has great benefits for plant growth over Flourite. I don't know how good it is compared to ADA aquasoil but if you have it as well use it.


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      Thanks for the response, rajkm.