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  • Visiting USA

    Im going on Education and training in the States.
    Im visiting New York first and i was thinking of going to the BronxZoo if the time allows me to.
    New York Aquarium Home Page

    After that Im going to Pittsburgh, i hope there will be a day of for this
    Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

    Is ther any one that can recomend these places or tell me if it worth visiting

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    I'm not too familiar with the east coast.
    I'm midwest, Florida, t5he mountains, and the west coast.
    NYC is great, I'm not sure about the aquarium shops there, I'd go for many more reasons that just plants and fish.

    PA might travel a bit
    It's an old Steel town, and less so these days that the past.
    Interesting is many respects, not much to do with fish though.

    Tom Barr


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      Thanks Mr Barr

      Well since im not on vaccation its work travel but if i got some time to spare i want to spend it on my hobby and what the states got to offer in these two citys.

      I hope there are stores to find something interesting in to take back to sweden =O) other is to pack and sent it right away insted of taking it on the plane..

      Hope there is anyone from Pittsburgh to give me some tip on things to do and were to go to find nice aqua things..



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        If you can make it to Philadelphia I'd take in the New Jersey State Aquarium right across the Delaware in Camden, New Jersey. It's a nice aquarium, and there's plenty to do along the waterfront. HTH. Prof M

        FTR. The New York Aquarium is the best of the three. I hope you have the time. Where else can you take in 3 Aquariums in 1/2 a days drive ?
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