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Discus Garden vs. algae

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  • Discus Garden vs. algae

    Dear Mr. T. Barr
    Are there any specific requirements to avoid algae using your method for the Planted Tank with Discus? How to balance between Light, fertilizer and high temperature?

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    Most do 2 x a week water change, 50%.
    Many people feed their discus a lot of food.
    This turns into NH4 waste.
    NH4 is a causative agent for algae.

    I typically keep adult fish at about 82-84F.
    So 27.5-29C.

    Use less rather than more lighting, 2 watts per gallon is a good range if you use powercompact lighting.

    I generally suggest dosing 2x a week after the water changes and good feedings.
    Some hobbyists add traces such as Tropica master grow each day as well.

    That's a good routine and set up for Discus.

    For young or fry, lots of water changes and food+ bare tanks, once they are adults, then you add them to the tanks etc.

    Some folks do not mind slightly stunted adulted. My fish where still about 5.5- 6" so instead of say 7-8". I could have fed more and done more water changes etc.

    I do not like them Bigger anyway for the planted tank, it'd be nice if they all stayed 3-4" to tell the truth.

    Tom Barr


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      It must be admitted that, the truth is that I had a lot of problem with algae when I got a Discus fishes. All the plants were brown colour because of algae. Your method was my last hope. And it works and works fine! The plants grow so fast! No algae!!! And itís as easy as ABC. Thank you, Mr. Barr.


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        Well, you can keep improving also.
        We all get better as we "get our feet wet" in this hobby.

        Tom Barr