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  • Plant Fest 20008 Photos

    Well, you suckers weren't there.

    So all you get is a pics:

    Be careful to look at the details of each photo, you will notice many things in them.

    Riccia in the Fakahatheee swamp

    Hygro grows all over the Santa Fe River and is a horrid weed:
    Down to 20Ft perhaps more.

    Near the mouth of Suwanee River:

    the spoonbill:

    Tom Barr

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    Mermaid weed:

    New foreground plant:

    That could have been you! Discovering a new aquatic foreground plant.



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      Swamp forest:

      Feels like the Jungle in the Amazon, not Florida.

      Lily springs:


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        Note gators sitting there

        I like it when wind bag arm chair experts on snails somehow know everything about olive nerites and tell me their habitats and requirements etc:

        Yep, they are the experts.............

        Another interesting thing, I did not see any heating cables or powersand the entire time...........

        Pretty natural.

        Wide range of habitats and many of the same plants.

        You need to be on nature and a part of it to understand it.
        Photo's , our scapes etc will never do it justice no matter how nice.

        Tom Barr


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          This could have been you:

          Nothing like Red Ludwigia from the source

          Algae ball where you do not have to go to the Japan:

          Note: these are marine, there are several species that form balls.

          Marine species where easier to find this year

          Tom Barr


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            Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
            New foreground plant:

            That could have been you! Discovering a new aquatic foreground plant.

            but that was me tom! haha

            great pics bud. I just took my pics to get developed yesterday. so ill post some more pictures of plant fest on this thread when they are ready tomorrow afternoon.

            Cheers. Kyle


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              okay time for my pics of plantfest

              a beautiful ludwigia sp. red scape

              tom collecting olive nerites in a freshwater stream by the handful

              a nice wild scape with pennywort, sagittaria, ludwigia and others

              tom diving for ludwigia


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                more pennywort with fish swimming around it

                tom wears a beard of aquatic moss haha

                a nice natural scape

                can you see the turtle?


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                  more sagittaria than you would ever want to see in your lifetime

                  a nice looking aquatic stem plant which is technically an algae however i think it would look nice in a tank


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                      The photo's look SICK! I'm bummed I missed it. Oh well. There's always next year.


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                        Nice photos - If i had been closer i would have joined you guys.

                        What is that "foreground" plant you found - it looks like a Marselia to a degree...


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                          It might be a Liliopsis carolina or something.
                          But it's furry...........

                          It's much easier, closer(unless you live in Brazil) and faster to get to all these habits than say in Brazil.

                          Tom Barr


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                            awwww.. too bad the singaporean (me) is way too far away to join the plantfest.


                            the umbrella shaped plant below the moss ball.
                            What is it? Is it a native plant?
                            looks like a very nice plant for a naturescape.

                            Thanks to the participants for the photos!! The photos are the only chance ppl like us have to be in touch with plantfest.



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                              The plant is really a marine alga Actetabularia, common name is mermaid's wine glass likes nasty polluted warm water.

                              Tom Barr