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    Originally posted by Tom Barr View Post
    We meet there at 8pm Fri and leave to head off for the day.
    do you mean 8 am on the 18th? or are we going to head off in the night time?

    just need to make sure because I'm buying my plain tickets and i want to fly in at the right time


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      8 am!

      Nighttime is for folks drinking beer or past out

      I'll call you later.



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        is anyone else coming to plantfest by themselves that would want to share a room?
        after paying $85 for a ride from Jacksonville airport to Gainsville I now have to cough up an additional $107 for a three night stay at the motel 6 and it would be nice to find someone that would like to share a room and split the bill (I'm a clean guy too, promise) if anyone is interested please let me know!


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          Please get a hold of me via phone if you are attending:


          Things happen and folks can get confused, so call if so, I know my way around and the times etc. Some folks over sleep etc.

          Otherwise, I'll meet folks in the parking lot at 8am in Gainesville Motel 6.

          Tom Barr


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            Originally posted by jaidexl View Post
            I might have to hit up the Keys trip
            Call me if so.



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              So 8 am Firday mporning , Motel 6 parking lot in Gainesville, dress to get wet.
              Snorkel mask and fins can be had at Walmart across the street.
              Wise to get them if you lack them.
              We will rent some tubes when we head to Ichetucknee state park.

              I'll rent a van and pick up some folks, but we might have to pile into two different vehicles.

              We go into the south lot, then they drive us to the North lot and drop us and the tubes off, then we float down to a 3 mile or a 6 mile stage point.

              BBQ and then perhaps make it back to G ville to stop by Tom's driftwood in Waldo.
              So BBQ items, snorkel stuff, waterproof bag or camera for Friday.

              No food or drinks on the river for obvious reasons(state park law), no collecting the weeds either.

              We can get the plants elsewhere legally.

              Tom Barr