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60P lighting question. Enough or too much?

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  • 60P lighting question. Enough or too much?

    Hi.. First post!

    I've bought a 60P size DoAqua tank(60x30x36cm) and will be setting it up low tech. I'm hoping to have the tank approximately 75% planted; maybe half of that being low carpet areas (HC?) and the other half mid & taller plants. The remaining 25% being an open sandy area for cories to poke their noses into. I'm also going to try an emersed start for getting the carpet going.

    For the lights, I have 3 of the Fluval Flora 13w cf lights. I've opened 2 of them and I'm thinking of returning the 3rd unopened one. However, if I were to put a glass cover on the tank will that cut the light down enough to warrant using the 3rd 13 watter? 2 of these lights works out to 1.53wpg. 3 lights is 2.3wpg. The lights will sit 3 or 4" above the water. They have decent reflectors(looks like a polished metal of sorts) but they are smallish lights and having three would have a more even light spread over the tank, lining them up three in a row on the back.

    I probably should have bought a different light set up from the start. I originally intended to have two for a 30L tank, but now I've got the 60L. So I bought a 3rd one thinking - bigger tank, one more light. Now I want to go low tech and I've opened two so I'm stuck with them and need to make do. Should I use the 3rd light?

    This is the light: