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    State of the tank...

    State of the tank...

    1. I was going to get a mated pair of neon gobies. But... Uh, gobies may have to wait a bit unless the LFS agrees with my hypothesis. I discovered last night that one of the chalk bass has popeye. So I off and check my water. Everything's fine. So I off and look up popeye. Seems, they can get it when there's a trauma to the eye. Seeing as nobody else in that tank is sick, I'm guessing he got into an accident and hurt his eye. He's eating and otherwise fine. A bit more aggressive when fish approach from the left, which is the eye that's effected. Hopefully the eye will heal and at the worst, he'll be blind in one eye. I've got quarantine... but have you ever tried to net a chalk bass? Better to put the neons in quarantine and wait it out on the status of the chalk bass.

    2. Grasses are growing! Woooo, I'm starting to get some fill in with the shoal grass and new shoots. Go Metal Halides and lots of feedings.

    3. Pesties - Got me some aiptasia. I need to get rid of them. Fortunately most of them are on plants, so simply it's a matter of pruning that part of the plant. But I will purchase some aiptasia x as well.

    4. Pesties (part II) - Some macro algae, dictoya specifically, is getting a bit out of hand. I may introduce an emerald crab to the group. I just don't want the algae smothering my rock. I may consider one for the biocube too. I like emeralds, they have appeal.

    5. Corals - will be making ricordea florida rocks and splitting ricordeas today. Will post pictures of my handy work. Caribbean paly is growing new polyps and my Caribbean zoa is doing well too.

    6. Will do scheduled water change.

    Thanks for reading, time for me to get to work! After I update the rest of the journals. :lol:

    If it's Baroque...don't fix it.


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      As I'n sure you know, there are several creatures that love to eat aiptasia. They might have some bad side effects, though, but I'm sure you know that as well.

      Your aquarium is so interesting to me, a fresh water plant abuser. <g>

      BTW, a few days ago I met a woman who said that she was (or had been) a professional opera singer. She invited me to a performance that she was giving locally. I was so tempted to ask her if she kept an aquarium, but I didn't. There aren't that many of you around, you know. <g>